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1915i Benefit

The 1915i Benefit Services are available to assist individuals by ensuring that the services and supports they need are provided in the right setting to meet their individual needs.

There are two types of 1915i Benefit Services:

Home Based Habilitation Services are provided to an individual who needs assistance with activities for daily living, essentially to help them establish the skills necessary to live successfully and comfortably in a home or community-based setting. These services can include recovery support, assistance in obtaining transportation, skill development on home maintenance, money management and various educational supports for other daily activities.

Behavioral Habitation Services are designed to assist an individual in attaining or maintaining their maximum level of independence. These services can include behavior support, training and education or activity therapy.

If you have problems or questions please contact us at:

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Oregon State IQA

Effective July 1, 2020, Comagine is the Oregon state Independent and Qualified Agent (IQA) and any 1915i questions should be directed to Comagine Health.